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ServiceNow Developer - Custom Application Development

Washington, DC

We are looking for experienced ServiceNow Developers to build/maintain custom scoped applications.  
You might be a good fit if you care about….

  • Quality: systems built in such a way where change is easy, and the cost of change is reduced to near zero.  We practice modular design, TDD, and adhere to SOLID programming principles. 
  • Human Centered over Functional Design: Providing a user experience that honors the needs of the user and drives adoption and transformation.
  • Value over Velocity:
  • Continuous Delivery over Deadlines
  • Whole Team approach:  Collaboration, Mentorship, and Autonomous teams.
  • Personal & Professional Growth: Learning and growth are part of our culture.  4 Hours every Friday are dedicated and budgeted to grow our people: Now Learning, Platform release training, sharing cool stuff.
  • Sustainable work week: 
  • Being agile over “doing” Agile 


  • Drive innovative business solutions focusing on human centric design to drive adoption and real transformation.  User Experience is key.
  • Work with lead architect to design application architecture leveraging Now platform functionality, open sources libraries, and custom development to align with quality principles.
  • Develop and enhance custom Scoped Applications on the ServiceNow platform both independently and leading a small squad of junior developers.        Coaching and mentorship is available to guide mid-level developers into technical leadership positions.
  • Develop and support the integration of 3rd party systems with ServiceNow, MID server, & web services.
  • Be a lead contributor on how ServiceNow can be used to integrate to new and existing technologies.

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience with the development, configuration, implementation and support of production and non-production ServiceNow instances
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are required
  • ServiceNow Scoped Application Development experience
  • Strong hands-on experience with ServiceNow client side and server-side scripting
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript and design patterns
  • Good problem solving and debugging skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications, with a proven history at being able to work and collaborate effectively with non-technical team members and/or clients.
  • Understanding of functional and object-oriented programming.        Your code can pass the “sniff test.”
  • Care about code quality, modularity, using design patterns and making the code robust and joy to work with
  • Good understanding of database schema design and data modelling
  • Working knowledge of the Automated Test Framework in ServiceNow.
  • Architectural principles to build highly scalable systems.
  • At least one ServiceNow Certification, preferably Certified Application Developer.

Preferred Skills and Experience (this is optional)

  • Knowledge of React and Typescript
  • Modern Development Practices like: CI/CD, Version Control, etc
  • Node.JS and NPM
  • Being obsessed with Test Driven Development
  • Knowledge of functional programming 
  • ServiceNow Micro Certifications
  • Personal website to show case projects.

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