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DevOps Engineer

Clarksburg, MD
Cordia Resources is partnered with a global leader in tech development seeking a DevOps Engineer to join their team. You will work with cutting-edge AI, Robotics, and UAV/ Drones in this role.

Position Responsibilities: 

  • Installing, configuring, deploying, and repairing of autonomous vehicle systems for customers both on-site and remote
  • Providing clear and concise communication with engineers and customers
  • Thoroughly documenting their work to ensure continuous process improvement

Required Skills & Abilities:  

  • Secure Linux-based systems from cyber-attacks, including physical 
  • Install and configure firmware on embedded hardware devices on custom Linux distributions (especially Ubuntu), Android devices, and microcontrollers (STM)  
  • Configure various network devices, including wireless radios and network switches  
  • Maintain proper documentation of system configuration changes
  • Collaborate with technicians, SysAdmins, and other DevOps Engineers to diagnose and solve higher level issues  
  • Accurately document installation and configuration processes  
  • Proficient with both Windows and Linux, both from the GUI and command line  
  • Familiar with Linux diagnostic applications such as top, ps, df, wireshark  
  • Able to work through and document installation process of Linux on x86 and ARM hardware  
  • Capable of documenting instructions, issues, and resolutions in the Atlassian Suite of tools 
  • Experience with writing scripts to aid in automation of installation and configuration tasks 
  • Familiar with cloud-based services, preferably AWS  

Education & Experience: 

  • 2 years of experience in a relevant field
  • High school diploma or equivalent 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Familiar with CAN, RS232, and Ethernet  
  • Compile and tweak the Linux kernel  
  • VPN configuration  
  • Container frameworks such as Docker  
  • Configuration management tools  
  • Deployment of software to embedded computers and remote systems 


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