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Systems Administrator (Salesforce)

Baltimore, MD
Client notes:
  • Create/maintain users in Salesforce – The system administrator or limited admin
    • User profiles/roles
    • Permissions sets
    • Licensing to connected apps
  • Create/maintain association records– in Salesforce and Replicon (MRC)
    • In Salesforce – maintain current TC/SM and partner portal contact
    • In replicon – request projects by year as needed – Maria
  • lead to cash Create/maintain new project
    • Handle project/project date changes as needed
    • Add/delete addenda as needed
  • get sales to quota Quotas – ABA Quotas – Quotas in general – Separate meeting
    • Create quotas for a yearly process
    • Create/maintain quotas as new projects/project dates are added
    • Create/modify quotas for portfolio transition between AEs
    • Create spreadsheets used for larger clients with multiple AEs
  • Budget
    • Comm inc tab – used to calculate GM for SSS
    • Hurdle inc tab – used to calculate GM for SSS
    • Sales v Forecast v Quota - spreadsheet used to manage forecast changes for Comm Inc
    • Notes on process
  • SalesForce Admin Assisting Traffic
    • Maintain auto invoice process/push out when process fails – January 4th*
    • Troubleshoot when the invoice process fails
    • Fix opportunities where errors from code in Salesforce cause errors in opportunity
    • I'd like you to meet monthly to discuss areas of improvement or needs.
    • Create reports for data visualization needs both in SalesForce and Excel
  • SalesForce Admin Assisting Accounting
    • Process SEMI invoices (NBAA)
    • SEMI AR Adjustments (NBAA)
    • Backup for Project and Payroll reconciliations
    • Constant streamlining of process, particularly in the reconciliation/reporting areas
  • Salesforce Admin Assisting Credit
    • Help create reports with data used to collect outstanding
    • Assist with SalesForce questions pertaining the Chargent (credit card charging system)
  • SalesForce Admin Assisting Sales
    • Determine why opportunity encounters errors during the creation
    • Train AEs how to use DocuSign – (Megan)
    • Help Desk contact for SalesForce problems
    • Report generation in both SalesForce and Excel
  • SalesForce Admin Association Clients
    • Maintain Association Community Portal
    • Association Community Set Up
    • Develop reports per client needs
      • Show how to maintain the folders for the reports
    • Maintain relationship with portal users. Answer questions as needed
    • New community portal – 
  • Aptaria - SalesForce Admin General
    • As the SME, collaborate with stakeholders and outside consultants to build solutions that improve business processes.
    • Review and recommend and manage the configuration, customization, and implementation of third-party apps.
    • Stay up to date on release notes to ensure seamless “major” updates
    • Data hygiene, data requests, and object customization to enhance reports

Additional questions:

Send Aptaria a list of
  • all apps /processes where Sandra is connected user
  • Top requests/troubleshooting
AR aging report
A new report on weekly and YOY will replace the Monday report on sales and cash.  (Sarina)

Random list – may be included above:
  • Employee Title Changes Process to fixing records when delayed in adjusting Employee Titles and or Comm % or AE Comm
  • DONE - NBAA Procedure - Verify, Invoice, and AR Adjust out Invoices
  • Project Payroll Recs - It looks like Sarina has her hands in everything.  Are all procedures updated?  What types of items does she still need help with so I can get up to speed?
  • Comm Inc tab - any backup used?
  • Quotas - what process/spreadsheet do you use?
  • New Projects
    • Maintaining the New Project spreadsheet
    • Setting Up a Product Family?
  • The process to Change Project Names as requested
  • Changing Project Dates
  • New Association Set up
    • Logos
    • Rate Cards
    • Client
    • Portal Set Up
  • Upserts
  • New Hires/Terminations
  • Reports for all the information needed for terminating Associations
  • Beginning Balance
  • Invoicing


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